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Our founder, Ayman Maslamani, was born in 1960 in Nablus, Jordan. He graduated in Physics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. During his university years, Maslamani was very impressed with the beauty of Turkey’s historical and natural sites, so his first enterprise was in 1985 when he started renting houses in Turkey to tourists from Middle Eastern countries. Maslamani’s tourism venture in Turkey gained speed when Heysem Tourism was established in 1990. Heysemessay club write my essay now Tourism soon became one of the first agencies to offer packages programs and hotel reservation services to customers from the Middle East and the Gulf States in particular.

Maslamani pursued a number of avenues in the Middle East to encourage the development of tourist destinations in Turkey, such as making personal visits to agencies in all Middle Eastern countries and bringing agencies from that region to Turkey on promotional trips to introduce them to Turkey. In 2000, he established a company in Jordan and started offering charter flights to Turkey to take advantage of the tourism potential in the Jordanian market. Heysem Tourism also offers outgoing, incoming and incentive travel services (such as for pharmaceutical companies and large meetings). In 2009, the company obtained an IATA certificate to sell tickets.

Heysem’s new venture for 2011 was in hotel operations. The company opened its first hotel in the Taksim Talimhane district with the name ‘Regency World Hotel’, which it plans to expand into a hotel chain.

Heysem Tourism organizes more charter flights from Jordan, Egypt and the rest of the Middle East to Istanbul, Marmaris and Antalya than any other agency. The company was started 13 years ago with only two employees, but now it has more than 100 employees and a significant share of the Middle Eastern market. Thanks to Ayman Maslamani’s vision, the company continues to bring foreign currency into Turkey by attracting increasing numbers of tourists from the Gulf States, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. In 2014, the company plans to add Bodrum and Izmir to its charter flight destinations in Turkey.

At Heysem, we are actually on a journey ourselves, although it is not a journey with a single destination. This journey has many ports of call, and our experiences in each of these locations help us to provide better service to our customers and business partners. On this journey that Ayman Maslamani started as an ambassador for tourism, we will continue to focus on customer satisfaction by generously offering the hospitality for which Turkish people are famous.

Heysemonline.com has been set up for select Heysem agencies, providing them with a number of additional services and marketing tools.

This website has been created with Heysem’s know-how, powerful business network and technological capacity. Heysem runs a wholesale reservation system that increases service quality and provides a competitive edge in the market.